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Anglo-Saxon Charters

The table below lists the Saxon land grant charters that have been studied during the project. All apply to land east of the Test - no charters have survived for the western part of the study area. Each of these charters includes a boundary clause, a point-to-point description of the landmarks that defined the boundary of the land that was the subject of the grant. The process of ‘solving’ a charter involves translating the Old English boundary clause and identifying the location of each landmark in the present-day landscape.


The text of the charters, along with references, is available in an online catalogue. Each charter is identified by its Sawyer number.

Electronic Sawyer:

Another useful website - Old English Translator:

Details of our analysis of the individual charter boundaries can be found by clicking on the name below:

Romsey  pdf of Poster


Chilcomb and Ampfield (Ticcensfelda)

09 Haga on N of Straight Mile .jpg

The project Charter Group - Jane Powell, Karen Anderson and Mary Harris - investigating the Bishop's Bank.

Photo by Roger Harris.

Charter boundaries poster by Mary Harris and Karen Anderson.

Click to download as a pdf file

Romsey Charter thumb.jpg

Romsey Charter boundary poster by Mary Harris

Click to download as a pdf file

Bishop's bank.png

Bishop's Bank poster

by Mary Harris.

Click to download as pdf file.

Ampfield Charter.png

Ampfield Charter poster

by Mary Harris.

Click to download as pdf file.

N Badd boundary thumb.jpg

North Baddesley poster

by Jane Powell.

Click to download as pdf file.

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